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Enchanting Latin Music for the Soul: Works for Flue and Harp by Gamboa, Lacerda, Silva, Abreu, Ponce, Iradier, Ávila, Velázquez
Tadeu Coelho & Karen Thielen



Works for Flute and Piano by Widor, Schubert, Gaubert and Chopin
Tadeu Coelho & Simom Tedeschi


Modernly Classic:

Mid 20th Century Works
Poulenc, Prokofiev, Copland, Hindemith, and Burton
Tadeu Coelho & Eric Larsen


18th Century Flute Sonatas: 

Mozart, Telemann, Handel, Vivaldi, Müthel, LeClair, and C.P.E. Bach
Tadeu Coelho & Eric Larsen


Life Drawing: Works for Solo Flute

Bach, Debussy, Varèse, Roseman, Lacerda, Bozza, Fukushima, Hoover, Guerra-Peixe, Cornils, and Fritts
Tadeu Coelho, flute



¡ROMPE! 20th Century Mexican  

Flute Chamber Music works by Gamboa, Heras, and Moncayo
Tadeu Coelho & New Mexico String Quartet


Tadeu Coelho Plays Flute Music from Brazil

Works by Lacerda, Silva, Villa-Lobos and Guarnieri
Tadeu Coelho, Lawrence Blind (piano), and Joanna De Keyser (cello)

Quarteto Vivace Brasil – Live in New Orleans

Music from the Baroque to Latin American in a new and inventive arrangements for flute, two guitars and percussion.

Paganini Caprice No. 24

Paganini Caprice No. 24, in A, for Solo Flute    Tadeu Coelho
(Special order only. Contact Tadeu Coelho)





List and Description of Published Sheet Music

available at Flute World.

Flute Workout Series:

(for the advanced player)


* Flute Workout, Volume I (1 book and 1 CD)
For the advanced player: fast tempi and challenging exercises
including: long tones; major and minor tetrachords in all keys;
extended scales in all keys.

* Flute Workout, Volume II (1 book and 1 CD)
For the advanced player: fast tempi and challenging exercises
including major and minor thirds in all keys; articulation exercises including:
Mendelssohn’s Scherzo from Midsummer Night’s Dream,
Bach’s Allegro from C major sonata,
Saint-Saens’ “Voliere” from Carnival of the Animals,
and Sousa’s Stars and Stripes Forever.

* Oboe Workout, Volume I 
(same as Flute Workout Volume I)

* Bb/Eb Saxophone Workout, Volume I
(same as Flute Workout Volume I)

Flute Startup Series:

(for the intermediate player – Moderate tempi and breaks within exercises)


* Flute Workout Startup! Volume I (1 book and 1 CD):
Long tones; Scales Part I, II and III; Major Tetrachords Part I and II; Minor Tetrachords Part I and II,
Variations on Mozart, Ah vous dirai-je, maman, K. 265/300e
(arranged by Tadeu Coelho); and Chromatic Study.


* Flute Workout Startup! Volume II (1 book and 2 CDs)
Altered Scales (chromatic, octatonic, whole-tone, blues, bebop, pentatonic, and modes), a study of thirds (major and minor scales)
Disk 1: Other Eb Scales, other E scales, other F scales, other F# scales, other G scales, other Ab scales, other A scales, other Bb scales, other B scales.
Disk 2: Other C scales, other Dd scales, other D scales, Thirds in Major Scales Eb-Ab, Thirds in Major Scales A-D,
Thirds in Minor Scales Eb-Ab, thirds in Minor Scales A-D.


Complete Works by Pattápio Silva (1880-1907)

for flute and piano:


* Evocação, op. 1 [Evocation] – Elegiac Romance (moderate difficulty)
* Serata D’Amore, op. 2 [Love’s Serenade] – Romanza (easy)
* Margarida, op. 3 – Mazurka; fun piece with fast scale patterns (moderate to difficult)
* Primeiro Amor, op. 4 [First Love] – Waltz: fast waltz, fun and amusing (moderate to difficult)
* Sonho, op. 5 [Dream] – Fantasy Romance: beautiful melodic lines with difficult virtuoso passages (moderate to difficult)
* Oriental, op. 6 – Character Piece: exotic scales with difficult virtuoso passages (moderate to difficult)
* Idyllio, op. 7 [Idyll] – Romantic (moderate)
* Zinha, op. 8 – Polka: fun character piece (moderate)
* Amor Perdido, op. 9 [Lost Love] – Waltz (easy)
* Variações de Flauta [Flute Variations] – Bravura piece (very difficult)


Other Works:


* Poemeto, for flute and piano by Osvaldo Lacerda (b.1927):
beautiful melodic line in a moderate tempo, use of exotic scale patterns
(moderate difficulty)

* Nocturne in C # Minor – Opus Posthumous, by Chopin 
arranged by Coelho (flute and piano):
romantic piece with long sustained lines (some difficult passages)

* Harlequin, for solo flute by Margaret Cornils: bravura piece

* Cadenzas for Concerto in G Major, K. 313 by Tadeu Coelho

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