Saudade Parisina

“Tadeu Coelho…
I don’t know how angels play, but I would like to think that Tadeu Coelho is one of them. Lean, with a boy’s face, a jovial haircut, and a big smile, Coelho plays a 14 k. gold flute with brilliant perfection. He interpreted several composers of his native country Brazil. When we hear him, our eyes cannot help but watch how his body moves and gets transformed into music itself. He feels the melody as he is playing it. When we hear a happy sound, his body moves with grace, as someone born in Brazil. If the tempo is slower, his body moves softly. This is inevitable, because he says that a musician is also an actor. The joy of the audience rests 50% on the eyes and the other half on the ear.

“With his voice mixing two languages [Portuguese and Spanish] in a graceful manner, he explains details about the Brazilian composers Camargo Guarniei, Osvaldo Lacerda, [American] Eldin Burton, Pattapio Silva and the Mexican Eduardo Gamboa. He told us anecdotes, his research on the complete works of Pattapio Silva, and about the instruction he received from his father, also a flute player… He also gave a master class to the students at the College of Music on June 7, reminding us that we can never forget to believe in our students and that [one day] they may also teach.” Saturday, June 17, 2006

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